Moni.NET Class C


Moni.NET Class C supports you with discontinuous particle monitoring in your cleanrooms.

Moni.NET Class C helps you increase your operational efficiency, profitability and GMP compliance. Thanks to automated storage of measured values in non-manipulable databases, automated evaluation and an extensive selection of standard report templates, administrative tasks can be simplified considerably. Non-value added activities such as printing, scanning and archiving measured values on thermal paper are eliminated completely. This results not only in very convenient measurement, but also in an enormous increase in documentation quality, as well as a very high economic benefit. With Moni.NET Class C you can create statistical trend evaluations and statistical evidence with the push of a button. This allows you to make well-founded statements about your particle concentrations at any time. Reports are created automatically and according to your specifications, stored and sent to a specified group of recipients within defined time intervals. Moni.NET Class C is compatible with particle counters by various manufacturers and can be easily integrated into existing IT infrastructure.

Cost reduction

Automated data preparation, report generation and paperless operation.


Data integrity and security

Non-manipulable data management, audit trail and user management


Increase in productivity

Reduction of paperwork, simple usability and maximum availability, significant acceleration of processes


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