Continuous particle
monitoring Moni.NET



Moni.NET is your custom solution for monitoring all relevant cleanroom parameters

With Moni.NET we provide a custom solution for monitoring all relevant parameters in cleanrooms. As part of this, we arrange various standard eurogard software components into a custom, GMP-certified application with maximum availability and the best possible usability.

Efficient batch logging and sophisticated features for statistical evaluation of the accumulated data help fulfill our claim of providing maximum support to you as a customer.

Moni.NET makes it possible to collect all measurement data in a central place, independent of measurement device manufacturers, thus guaranteeing the right production conditions. We harmonize your data sources, guarantee data security and data integrity.

With Moni.NET, you can view your cleanroom parameters at any time, visually prepared according to your specifications, and you are informed of any limit value violation in real time. It is very important to our software engineers to guarantee operational and automated functionality in alarm handling as well as the necessary documentation – because monitoring must create added value. It must not block or slow down operational processes.

Moni.NET automatically creates your batch reports, stores them with names specified by you, and circulates them automatically to the relevant channels. You can also customize all protocols and downstream distribution processes in a GMP-compliant way.

Moni.NET gives you maximum GMP-compliant automation and maximum GMP-compliant flexibility.

Existing, complex IT infrastructures do not pose any problem. Thanks to intelligent software design and our team of software engineers with wide-ranging expertise, the integration of Moni.NET into existing infrastructures can be realized quickly and easily. Authentication (LDAP), terminal server environment (Citrix), backup and restore strategies and communication with customer hosted SQL databases are fully supported.

Cost reduction

Automated data preparation, batch report generation, paperless operation


Data integrity and security

Non-manipulable data management, audit trail, user management


Increases in productivity

Reduction of paperwork, simple usability and maximum availability, significant acceleration of processes



Easy integration into existing IT infrastructure, compatibility with different particle counters