About eurogard


Software and hardware that empowers our customers to accelerate their digitalization.

Our origins are in the field of remote access. Led by Karl Symior, we have evolved from what were, at the time, highly innovative modem connections to an IIoT service provider offering customers a holistic software and hardware landscape: From data acquisition on the shop floor via eurogard edge devices to the eurogard IIoT platform machine to value in which data is stored, processed, evaluated and visualized. Thanks to various MSR projects and our extensive technical expertise, we were able to acquire our first commission in GMP monitoring systems in 1997. Since then, we have continuously developed and expanded our cleanroom monitoring systems under the leadership of Dipl.-Ing. Johannes Kolks.


International customer base

Our international customer base, which covers all company sizes from large corporations to start-ups, enables our project managers and software engineers to retain the flexibility to respond to all organizational structures and any individual problems our customers may have.


Hardware and software

We offer our own hardware and software. We advise our customers collaboratively and support them from initial planning to support during operation.


Experience since 1995

We are highly motivated. Digitalization is our passion.


Industry and sector know-how

We have extensive industry and sector know-how in digitalization and GxP through numerous industry and research projects.

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