machine to service VPN-Software



Secure, worldwide remote access is part of the eurogard DNA.

Our Machine To Service (m2s) VPN software gives you secure and worldwide access to your machines. This means you are always available for your customers in the event of a malfunction and you can correct its cause remotely. It also means minimal downtime for your customers, and no more expensive and time-consuming on-site visits for you. The eurogard ServiceServer is the server application with pre-installed service networks, ready for operation. Each eurogard customer has their own ServiceServer. This way we can ensure that all our customers have full sovereignty over their VPN networks and offer absolute independence. Should the cooperation end you simply take your VPN networks with you.

Interactive tour through our software

With the eurogard-m2p app you can keep an eye on your machines.


Simple administration

Easy handling via central administration of all VPN connections and user management thanks to hierarchy structure.


Flexible communication

Protocol-independent, IP-based communication and operation in virtual environments or cloud systems.


Comprehensive security

Simple establishment of encrypted connections with OpenVPN, as well as two-factor authentication with username, password, and OTP. In addition, support for the latest encryption method TLS 1.3.


Comfortable connection

In addition to network selection in the m2s client for fast and effortless connection setup, the REST API enables automating tasks and data exchange with third-party systems.

Seamless product compatibility

Hassle-free integration of eurogard routers.

VPN networks for government firewalls

Digitalization and the World Wide Web mean that concepts such as “worldwide remote access” are often taken for granted. However, international companies have long been aware that in some countries remote access to machines and systems cannot be taken as a given. In these cases, special licenses have to be acquired to bypass complex government firewalls.

eurogard has the specific know-how to create precisely such special VPN networks in accordance with the law, and to establish permanent connectivity. We enable connectivity to your facilities – worldwide! Because worldwide remote access is part of the eurogard DNA.