ServiceRouter V3


Intelligent and secure service gateway with integrated IIoT functionality

With the eurogard ServiceRouter V3, all further digital added value processes begin by forwarding the customer-specific data points from the connected plants to the m2v platform. It can be quickly and easily installed in the corresponding machines and plants. In addition to the basic remote access features all configurations offer the possibility to actively network machines and plants globally, thus benefiting from the potential of Industry 4.0. By integrating common industrial protocols, plant connectivity can be realized easily and quickly. In addition to new plants the V3 is also perfectly suitable for retrofitting existing machines and plants with IIoT.


Highest security

Hardened Linux software modules, VPN connectivity with certificate and personalized keys, convenient user management with online connection monitoring, and a preset firewall allows only secured VPN and SSL-encrypted communication.


Industry 4.0

In addition to the basic disciplines of remote access, all configurations of the eurogard ServiceRouter V3 offer the possibility to actively network machines and plants globally, making it benefit from the potentials of Industry 4.0.



The ServiceRouter V3 is cloud and on-premise-ready: it can collect production, energy and operator data locally and in the cloud, evaluate it and feed it to other applications. It is therefore ideally suited for industrial IoT retrofit of existing machines and plants.


Flexible and customisable

The existing interfaces enable easy and fast implementation of customer-specific IIoT solutions. Application standards include Modbus, S7-ISO-on-TCP, OPC-UA and BACnet on the fieldbus side, as well as MQTT, REST and various databases (e.g. MySQL).

Data sheets

DE Datenblatt ER1501-LTE ServiceRouterV3 v02

DE Datenblatt ER1501-W LTE ServiceRouterV3 v02

DE Datenblatt ER1501-W ServiceRouterV3 v02