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Making the added value of digitalization tangible with m2p

Digitalization must create added value. It offers the opportunity to make information available anytime and anywhere via mobile applications. With machine to pocket, the eurogard software developers have taken this idea to its logical conclusion and developed an app that gives you access to IIoT platform data. This way, machine data can be carried in your pocket and all relevant information is always available. In addition to the standard IIoT (platform) visualization features, the app also offers alarm functionality. For example, app users can be notified of malfunctions in a matter of seconds and are thus immediately informed about the current status on the shop floor. This allows escalation processes to be set in motion and to clarify what and who is needed to solve the problem.

With the eurogard-m2p app you can keep an eye on your machines.


Real-time information about machine status

Check the status of machines from your pocket in real time, anytime.


Clear allocation of information

Notifications can be used to address team members directly and immediately. Thus information always reaches the right addressee.


Fast response times

Not only is information always available, it also reaches the relevant person in seconds, minimizing response times.


Shorter downtimes

Fast response times and problem resolution mean minimal downtime and maximum productivity.

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