eurogard productive Cloud

Why Cloud?
The answer: added value

Cloud technology has reached a point of development where it is allowing many companies to enter into the emerging market of IT and data-driven service products.

In this process, you have probably already taken some steps toward value creation in your company.

  • Is data already being collected in your products?
  • Are you already using solutions for secure remote access, remote operation?
  • Do you also have data in other areas of your company that should be linked?

If yes, we would like to assist you on your further path of value creation. From connectivity to transparency, to a completely custom-made innovation for your company.

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The ‘productive Cloud’
easy access to your data and machines via IIoT and VPN

With the eurogard productive Cloud, you take the easiest and fastest route possible towards Industry 4.0. Thanks to the integration of all standard industrial protocols, a connection can be realized easily and quickly in almost all cases.
It allows you central data collection from all your machines, independent of hardware, 24/7 access and use of all gathered information correctly and logically.
Furthermore, with our hardware products (cloud connectors and edge devices), we offer the perfect gateways to your personalized Industry 4.0 portal.
With all this, we have not forgotten where we came from, over the past 25 years: Secure and transparent remote maintenance access is an integral part of the ‘productive cloud’.


The key functions at a glance:

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eurogard advantages

  • Cooperative collaboration at eye level, regardless of the size of your company and your requirements
  • Direct evaluation of your personal requirements
  • Data security through access management - data sovereignty always lies with the data creator
  • Your data, your property - when you change, you simply take your data with you
  • IT security through hardened systems and continuous security updates
  • Hosted in Germany
  • Cloud service provider-neutral (no Microsoft Azure, Google or Amazon Web Services, etc.)
  • Easy integration into an existing remote maintenance system


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Revolutionize your service products now

eurogard productive Cloud - Rules Engine

The eurogard productive Cloud provides you with the basis to collect, visualize and evaluate your data. And also to troubleshoot incidents via VPN from anywhere.
Your data is valuable and allows for various optimization options and expands your business models.

We will be happy to support you with advice on your personal added value.
Functionalities range from data collection and data communication to data analysis and automated mechanisms.


Possible workflow in classic machine and plant engineering: example

  • Alarm management reports a limit value violation to the cell phone
  • Dashboard with real-time values and historical trending is checked (also mobile)
  • Customer is informed
  • Remote access is activated - globally possible from any PC or smartphone
  • Problem is solved

We would be happy to learn more about your particular application requirements.


Possible services you can offer your customers:

  • Global remote access via any device
  • Automated order processing
  • Material service management
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Local monitoring
  • data mining
  • and many more applications


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